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At your consultation in our clinic we will listen to your demands and answer all your questions regarding a possible surgical intervention. You will get plenty of information regarding your surgery and we will inform you on what results you may expect. All doctors at Clinic BeauCare are recognized in Belgium. Their RIZIV number and all further details are on our website.

Your consultation at Clinic BeauCare

Our aesthetic doctor will inform you on your surgical intervention and ask you questions about your medical history, further surgeries you had, medication you take (possibly blood thinners) and other medical problems you may have. You may be asked to get a blood test and ECG, depending on your age and medical history.

The BeauCare quality

Instructions regarding your consultation for cosmetic surgery

Our aesthetic doctor will provide you with plenty of information and written documentation regarding your surgical intervention. Please prepare a list with questions for the doctor. You should be well informed regarding your operation time, your stay at Clinic BeauCare, guarantee, extra fees, recovery time, scars to be expected and their healing.

When may I leave the clinic ?

Since our clinic is fully equipped with the latest technology in order to provide you with the highest level of surgery, patients no longer need to stay overnight. Therefor it is necessary to have someone to come along with you and take care of you. Most types of surgeries require one week of recovery. We will provide you with information of nearby hotels.

How do I pay for my surgery?

Our prices are all-inclusive, which means that everything is included, such as VAT, lipopanty and special bra, pain medication and the aftercare offered at Clinic BeauCare in the first year after your surgery. When having a facelift or tummy tuck done you have to bring support stocking on your surgery date.

Payment of aesthetical surgery

All surgery costs have to be paid upfront. No payment plans are offered by Clinic BeauCare. Social security doesn’t cover costs of cosmetic surgery. Your payment can be done by wiretransfer or bankcard. A maximum of 3000 euro cash payment can be accepted.

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