MRSA bacteria and the low infection rate in Belgium

MRSA is the abbreviation for Meticilline Resistente Staphylococcus Aureus, commonly known as “hospital illness”. As indicated by the name, the MRSA bacteria can mostly be found in hospitals and other care institutions.

On average 30% of the population unknowing to themselves are carriers of the MRSA bacteria. This bacteria is especially dangerous to persons with lower resistance.

Accurate figures for the MRSA bacteria are not available, but in comparison to other European countries, Belgium has a low infection rate. Clinic Beaucare has a clean history. Our premium clinic has not been targeted with the MRSA bacteria. Apart from infection prevention and hygiene are there a couple of other factors which limit the surviving chances of the MRSA bacteria at Clinic Beaucare. We have only day admitions and we don’t have ill or frail care patients.

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