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Different techniques are performed to shape lips

The most trending method on social media is the Russian Lip Technique.

What are Russian Lips?

The Russian Lip Technique, also called Russian Lips, will lift your lips with a natuaral appearance by micro injections into the lip border.

For those seeking a natural finish or for those who never had lip fillers before, the Russian Lip Technique is a perfect solution!

Am I suitable for Russian lip fillers?

For the Russian Lip Technique injections with hyaluronic acid are used. As this is a natural substance, very few complications will occur.

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How is the lip treatment done?

This technique involves placing tiny droplets of filler injected into the lips.

The Russian Lip method will lift your lips, rather than adding excessive volume.

Depending on the shape of your lips and your demand our doctor will decide which method will suit you best.

How long do Russian Lips last?

The first couple of days after your treatment your lips will be swollen. This is not the final result yet.

It takes a couple of days for the swelling to go down, after which you can judge on the result.

A natural fullness of the lips will be achieved, which creates a younger and more dynamical look!

Russian lip fillers will typically last 12 to 18 months, whith touch ups needed every 6 to 9 months.

The Russian Lip Technique takes approximately half an hour, including preparation time.

Aftercare Lip fillers

Your lips are likely to be swollen after the treatment. Apply an ice pack to reduce the swelling.

You shouldn’t put on make up for the first 24 hours after the lip filler treatment.

Don’t expose yourselves to heat. Sun, sunbathing and sauna should be avoided for the first week.

Price Russian Lips

The cost of the Russian Lip Technique will depend on the amount of filler.

See our prices for the Russian Lip Technique

Muscle relaxant injections (botulinum toxin) and hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler: Prices in Euros

Filler injection 0.5 cc 220
VAT incl.
Filler injection 1 cc 350
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin first zone 130
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin second extra zone 120
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin third extra zone 110
VAT incl.

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100 units Botuline Toxine 550
VAT incl.

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