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On the day of your surgery you will have a consultation with both your surgeon and anesthetist (in case of general anesthetic). You should be present at the requested hour, which is one hour before the surgery. A map with route description is on our website.

Further instructions

You are not allowed to eat or drink anything six hours before your surgery. Smoking is not allowed six weeks before and 4 weeks after your surgery. Tobacco affects your general health and also the outcome of your surgery. The risks of complications increases with 50% when using tobacco.

The day before your surgery.

Prepare the payment for the remainder on your surgery date. Patients who will get a tummy tuck or face lift should bring compressive stockings. Please fill out your medical questionnaire and consent form and bring them on the day.

The BeauCare quality

Choice of the breast implants

Clinic BeauCare has in stock a large variety of high quality breast implants. Until the day of your surgery you may still change the volume and type of your implants, after consultation with your surgeon. To achieve the desired result you could bring pictures of breasts you like or a bra size you would like to wear after the breast augmentation.

Am I allowed to continue taking my medication before my surgery?

You are not allowed to take aspirine or any other kind of blood thinner two weeks before your plastic surgery. You should inform our doctor regarding other treatments you follow.

Your stay at Clinic BeauCare

After your surgery you will stay another 2 to 3 hours in our recovery room, to get pain medication and recover from anesthetic. Pain medication will be given through drip. You may leave the clinic once you’ve had a last checkup by your surgeon. We will explain you aftercare and give you further instructions. For the return journey you should be accompanied.


The necessary pain medication for the first days will be provided by Clinic BeauCare. We advice to buy in advance some painrelief, such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. All aftercare done at BeauCare in the year following your surgery is included, as well as the special supportive bra and lipopanty.

If drains are put in place

Patients who had a facelift or tummy tuck often need to have drains. We will explain you when drains could be removed and who could help you (at our clinic or your GP). You will also get information on the removal of dressings and stitches and further aftercare.

When should I contact the clinic?

In case of following problems you should cerainly contact Clinic BeauCare:

  • if stitches don’t look okay
  • when you have fever
  • when pain suddenly increases
  • if swelling gets worse suddenly
  • in case of redness


Then you should contact our doctor on the emergency telephone number: 0032 2 756 04 04

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