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A smooth existence is everybody’s wish. Keeping a youthful face is made possible by cosmetic surgery due to fast, reliable and easy techniques to smooth away your wrinkles. There are different procedures to fill out or smooth away wrinkles, some giving more temporary or long-lasting results.

Wrinkles which can be filled out are for instance the nasial-labial wrinkles (nose to mouth grooves), lines around the corners of the mouth and lines on the under- and upperlip.

In our clinic we use a natural product, hyaluron acid, a visco-elastic gel. It is exactly this substance that the body breaks down during the aging process and of which there will be a deficiency. Logically there will be a minimal possibility of lumps or allergic reactions. One disadvantage of this technique is that the body will break down this hyaluron acid, so that the result of the treatment will only be temporary.

Forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet ask for a specific treatment. Because these wrinkles are particularly caused by the functioning of their underlying small muscles, they are effectively treated by an injection (botulinum toxin). This is a medicine which weakens the power of these underlying small muscles.

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After 4 to 6 months the effect of botuline will disappear and the treatment can be repeated.

As with every injection, inserting the needle during a wrinkle treatment might cause some pain. Depending on the area which must be treated, a local anaesthesia can be used.

Hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler: Prices in Euros

Injection 1 cc Injectable wrinkle filler, Injection 1cc for most of the treatments. Prices confirmed during the consultation. 350
VAT incl.
Injection 0.5 cc 220
VAT incl.

Muscle relaxant injections (botulinum toxin) and hyaluronic acid wrinkle filler: Prices in Euros

Filler injection 0.5 cc 220
VAT incl.
Filler injection 1 cc 350
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin first zone 130
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin second extra zone 120
VAT incl.
Botulinum toxin third extra zone 110
VAT incl.

Lip enlargement: Prices in Euros

Lip enlargement (0.5cc) 220
VAT incl.
Lip enlargement (1cc) 350
VAT incl.

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