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Well-formed lips and well-treated teeth are generally seen as the most important parts of the face. Fuller lips stand for ‘warmth’ and ‘youth’ and give you a more beautiful smile.

When your lips are too thin, you can opt for lip enlargement, a treatment which has been performed for many years. Lip enlargement is possible for the under- or upperlip. Some treatments give more temporary results, others give long-lasting results. Considering the size of enlargement and the patient’s wishes, one of the procedures mentioned underneath can be chosen.

1. Hylaform or hyaluronic acid is a temporary filler which gives you the advantage to decide if a lip enlargement is something for you or not, before you choose a more definitive solution.

2. Acquamid, PMS or other silicone based products are permanent products which give more beautiful results. These are permanent products; they are not broken down by the body.

Lip enlargements are always performed under a local anaesthetic.

Most lip enlargements are carried out in different sessions.

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Lip enlargement

Lip enlargement

Lip enlargement

Lip enlargement

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