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At Clinic BeauCare we get many questions regarding the lifetime of breast implants. Breast implants don’t have an expiry date, but don’t last a lifetime neather.

In the past many type of implants have been used.

Checkup breast implants

We do advise to get your breast implants checked once a year and have implants changed if necessary.

We can’t tell you the exact duration of your breast implants.

For older implants we advise to have them changed after 10 years. Your breast implants may still be in tact, but as breast implants tend to wear, they should be replaced with new ones.

Actually most manufacturers offer 10 years warranty on the breast implants.

Recent breast implants should be checked on a regular basis by an ultrasound. Your gynecologist will also give you instructions on the necessary follow up.

Ultrasound as well as MRI are recommended techniques to check the condition of breast implants.

The BeauCare quality

When should breast implants be replaced?

In following cases your breast implants should be replaced:

  • Strong capsular contracture: sometimes capsular contracture, or hardened scar tissue is
  • developed round one or both implants. This will cause tightness, pain, tenderness or change the look of your breasts
  • When you have older implants
  • In case of leakage or rupture
  • For sagging breasts, after giving birth or weightloss
  • If you’re no longer happy with the size of your breasts

Contact our clinic in case of pain to the augmented breast

If you are in pain, your breast have wrinkles or have changed in position, you should contact our clinic. Our doctor will evaluate the state of your current breast implants at a consultation appointment and discuss your surgical options.

In order to make the right diagnosis, our doctor may need results of an ultrasound.

Differences with your initial breast augmentation

With regards to your first breast augmentation there are a few differences:


Since you already have a scar of the first breast augmentation, our surgeon prefers to use the same inicision, not to get more scars.

Implant position

If you will have your breast implant replaced with new ones, the implants will be put in the same position as was done initially. So if breast implants were put above the muscle the first time, they will be replaced with other ones also above the muscle.

Size of implants

In most cases a secondary breast augmentation is because women are no longer satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts.

If you want bigger implants than the first time, then you will again be in pain for the first week. When you choose the same size, you will be in much less pain.

If your implants are replaced with smaller ones, the pocket should be narrowed, which is a quite difficult procedure.

Some women may also need to have hardened or lumpy tissue removed, which makes the pocket a bit wider. In this case they should choose a slightly bigger implant than the first time.

Price breast implant renewal – Price Breast implants replacement

Are you about to get your breast implants renewed? At Clinic BeauCare the replacement of breast implants is offered at an affordable price.

We don’t charge an extra cost for the removal of your old breast implants. Therefor the breast implant renewal is charged at the same price as a first breast augmentation.

Off course a breast implant renewal should be discussed at a consultation appointment.

Breast: Prices in Euros

Breast enlargement with cohesive gel silicone-filled implants with micro textured surface from 200 cc to 600 cc 3300
VAT incl.
Replacement breast implants 3300
VAT incl.
Breast reduction 3600 – 4950
VAT incl.
Breast uplift without implants 3600 – 4650
VAT incl.
Breast uplift with implants 5950 - 6950
VAT incl.
Capsular contracture Additional cost of 950
VAT incl.
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