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At the moment, breast enlargement is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. It’s many women’s dream to have larger breasts or to have a lovelier shape of breasts. Breast surgery might be the right solution here.

Which breast enlargement procedure and implant will be used depends on your wishes and the advice of your breasts surgeons. Read here more information about the expected cup size increase after your breast augmentation.

Currently there are 3 types of breast implants :

  • Saltwater-implant (silicone covering filled with saltwater)
  • Silicone-gel-implant (silicone covering filled with a silicone-holding gel)
  • Monobloc-implant (silicone covering filled with a type of hydrogel).

Breast enlargement with natural result

The breast implants we use all have a rough texture. Each implant has its specific advantages. The plastic surgeon will discuss these different types of implants with you, as well as the size of the implant. You decide, together witgh the surgeon, if these implants will be inserted above or beneath the breast muscle.

The procedure for breast enlargement is as following : A small incision will be made in the natural crease beneath the breast, around the nipple or in the armpit. Further on, some extra space is made in the breast so that the implant can be inserted.

Breast enlargement treatment will take 1 hour.After the breast surgery you will have to wear a special support bra during 4 weeks. There might be an hypersensitive reaction of the nipple for some time. But this will automatically disappear after a few weeks. After a breast enlargement breast-feeding is still possible.

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When should I have my breast implants renewed?

At this stage there is no clear answer on when exactly implants should be replaced.

It is advised to have older implants changed after 10 years. Possibly your breast implants are still in good condition, but because the qualtiy of the implants decreases, it is advised to renew your breast implants.

Nowadays manufacturers offer a warranty of 10 years on breast implants.

With regards to more recent breast implants, we advise to have them checked after 10 years by means of an ultrasound. Both ultrasound and MRI are recommended techniques to check the condition of your breast implants.

How much do I pay for the replacement of my breast implants?

We charge an additional price of 600 euro, on top of the initial breast augmentation. A secondary breast augmentation is a more complicated procedure.

How will the new implants be placed?

With regards to the placement of the implants you may follow this rule: if the implants were placed initially on top of the chest muscle, then the new implants will be placed also on top of the muscle. If your first breast prosthesis were placed underneath the chest muscle, then breast implants will again be placed underneath the muscle with the secondary breast augmentation.

What size could my new breast implants be?

The easiest option for your new breast implants is that they will be more or less the same size.

A renewal with much bigger implants will cause again much pain.

Renewal of breast implants towards much smaller implants will be quite difficult, because the pocket which was made should be narrowed.

Where will the incision be?

The incision of a secondary breast augmentation will be prefably in the breast crease, because this is the easiest way to fit implants.

What in case of capsular contracture?

A breast which has become harder or which has changed in shape, might possibly be because of capsular contracture.

In some cases an additional cost is asked for the removal of capsular contracture.

The removal of capsular contracture may involve an enlargement of the pocket and therefor it might be advisable to replace wiht slightly bigger implants.

Pics Breast enlargement before and after

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement

Breast enlargement

Here you can find pictures of breast enlargement

Breast: Prices in Euros

Breast enlargement with cohesive gel silicone-filled implants with micro textured surface from 200 cc to 600 cc 3300
VAT incl.
Replacement breast implants 3300
VAT incl.
Breast reduction 3600 – 4950
VAT incl.
Breast uplift without implants 3600 – 4650
VAT incl.
Breast uplift with implants 5950 - 6950
VAT incl.
Capsular contracture Additional cost of 950
VAT incl.
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