Overly prominent or protruding ears can be a real source of irritation to the person involved. In some cases they even cause psychological problems. The position can be corrected by an otoplasty operation so that irritation and personal insecurities will belong to the past.

An ear correction is performed under a local anaesthetic and takes approximately one hour. After the otoplasty, you can immediately go home. A small incision is made at the backside of the ear shell and the cartilage is corrected and a small strip of skin is removed. In this way the corner of the ear with the head is made smaller. In other cases no cartilage is removed, the cartilage is only fixed to get the desired shape.

Sutures will be removed after one week.

Following an ear correction, you will be required to wear a head bandage which can not be replaced during 7 to 10 days, day and night. After that you will have to wear a normal bandage for another three weeks, only during the night. When sleeping, washing and doing sport, you should be very careful during the first weeks. It often occurs that the ear shells remain red, swollen and over-sensitive for a few weeks.

Bruising might occur as well. But these discomforts will gradually disappear.

Most patients restart their work after one week. You shall be able to evaluate the definitive result after 1 month.

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