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My name is Emma and I live in London.
I already consulted 2 plastic surgeons in London when I saw an advertisement of Clinic Beaucare in Elle. I was really desperate for a breast augmentation, but I couldn’t afford a treatment in the UK. Therefore I went to see the surgeon of Clinic BeauCare. The consultation was very professional and their fee was really affordable. I decided to have the operation at their Brussels clinic and I still do not regret my decision!
The clinic is intimate, clean and their staff is very warm & friendly. I had a very nice stay at the clinic and the plastic surgeon, Dr. Ulens, did a wonderful job! I had my breast augmentation 6 months ago and I can’t wait for summer to start. Finally, after so many years, I am now looking forward to going to the beach, thanks to Clinic BeauCare!

My name is Jim and I’m from Birmingham.
During my college years I practised a lot of sports. Once I started working I did not have enough time left to visit the gym anymore. Very soon my body started changing and it became noticeable (I became fat, especially in some areas). After thinking about liposculpture for two years I contacted Clinic BeauCare, which I was told about during one of my trips to Belgium. After the first consultation, which took place in London, I was convinced that this was the right clinic for me. The surgery itself was done at their private clinic in Brussels, where I stayed for only two more days, which was convenient for my job.
Now, almost a year later I have my old body back, I didn’t expect such an amazing result, but I’m sure you can imagine how happy this makes me! I wish I hadn’t waited this long before I having the surgery.

I had a breast augmentation done at Clinic BeauCare in Brussels and I’m very pleased with the whole procedure and the final result! At first I was a bit sceptic about going abroad for this surgery but in hindsight I’m so happy that I took this decision. The team was very warm & friendly and Dr. Bosselaers is a wonderful surgeon! I would recommend Clinic BeauCare to everyone, who is looking for a professional treatment in an intimate atmosphere. Kirstin.

My name is Catherine, 35 years old, and I live in the north London area.
After consulting 2 different plastic surgeons in the UK, I started looking for a surgeon abroad. Since I have 3 children under the age of 5 I can not stay away from home for a long period of time ; therefore I chose ClinicBeaucare in Belgium to have my abdominoplasty done. Of course I searched the internet on the credibility of this clinic and surgeons. It appeared that Dr. Ulens is a very well known plastic surgeon and is registered at the GMC, which I deemed very important. Anyway, I still do not regret my choice. I had my surgery done in December and cannot wait for summer to get here so that I can show my ‘new’ tummy to everybody!
The clinic is small but very clean and cosy, the staff is very friendly and they all speak English very well. Before going to the OR you have a last consultation with Dr. Ulens, who is such a nice man! I felt really comfortable. After surgery we stayed in a hotel during 4 days. I had my drains removed before we took the Euro Star back to London. The recovery took approximately 4 weeks but I felt better day by day. I’m so happy with the surgery and would recommend Clinic BeauCare to every one! Thanks Clinic BeauCare! Regards, Elisabeth.

Hi, I’m Richard from Macclesfield, I’m 47 and I am an airline pilot. I am pretty vain, but despite my good daily care I could no longer hide the traces of aging. I didn’t need a lot of time to convince myself to have a facelift . Then I saw an ad in ‘Men’s Health’ for a clinic in Belgium. I immediately contacted Clinic Beaucare and to my surprise they could meet me for a first consultation in their Manchester office, during which they recommended me a mini facelift instead of a full one. Recovery after the surgery is faster and is the procedure itself is cheaper. Going to Belgium for the surgery was no problem for me. After two days I went home and resumed work after three weeks. I received good remarks from my colleagues; they all thought I must have had a great holiday, since I looked ten years younger. I knew why. I want to thank the people of Clinic Beaucare for a job well done.