A buttock enlargement is a cosmetic surgery procedure which makes it possible to change the size and shape of the buttock. This operation is mostly performed in case of men and women who think their buttock is too small or too flat.

A silicone implant is inserted through a small incision in the buttock fold or in the area of the tailbone. This incision is about 5 cm in length.

Different technical aspects, the type and size of the buttock implant, the place of the implant and the place of the incision will be discussed during a prior consultation. This way we gain the best possible result.

You can leave the clinic the same day.

Following the operation you might experience some pain caused by slight extravasations of blood and swelling of the treated area. A light sedative like Paracetamol will suffice for this discomfort.

Your buttock will feel very tight until the moment that the skin has adapted to the new buttock size. You will be required to wear step-in underpants (a type of compression bandage) for six weeks, day and night.

These underpants will counter the swelling and will provide support for the new shape of your buttock.

For six weeks after the operation, the implants can not be overloaded. When sitting in an armchair you’ll have to sit up straight and not sprawl. Sleeping on your back will not be possible, during the first period you’ll have to sleep on your belly or on your side.

A buttock enlargement is a surgical procedure. The final result will not be achieved immediately after the operation. The swelling must resolve and the tissue and possibly also the buttock muscle will have to adapt to the new shape. After approximately three months the definitive result will be visible. Your buttock feel might be different for a few weeks. This might vary from person to person. The scar will become red for a few months but it will gradually take the colour of the skin and will become less conspicuous.

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