Women might experience some trouble from the fact that their inner or small labia are proportionately big.

In some cases women experience it as defacing. But it can cause a physical discomfort too, for instance when cycling or wearing tight clothing. It might also be uncomfortable when having sex.

In these cases it is possible to have a labia reduction. During the labiaplasty, which is normally performed under a local anaesthetic, the plastic surgeon will remove excess tissue. The wound is sutured and sutures will dissolve spontaneously so there is no need for physical removal afterwards. In the beginning the wound might be painful, there might occur some swelling and wound fluid.

Sitting, using the toilet and having sexual intercourse will be painful during the first week.

Treatment of the wound during the first days is absolutely necessary. Therefore we advise you to take a shower once or twice a day and to use a panty liner for fourteen days. Scars will soon feel flexible and are almost imperceptible.

After one week the plastic surgeon will do a check-up of the wound.

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