A breast lift is an operation to correct sagging breasts. Through loss of elasticity due to ageing, pregnancy and breast feeding or severe weight-reduction, the breasts might start sagging. This way a deep breast fold occurs and the nipple gets located lower than the breast fold. A breast lift will enhance the shape and firmness of your breasts. When the breasts are not only sagging but also too small, it’s possible to have a breast lift in combination with a breast implant. This goes also for cases where the nipple is not located too low. The more the breast is sagging, the greater the implant must be. In case of moderate sagging, an enlargement of one or two cups will be performed to create tighter breasts. The advantage is that scars are limited, the sensitivity of the nipple is saved and breast feeding stays possible.

The procedure

In case of a breast lift, the surgeon makes two incisions. The first one is located around the areola, the second is located vertically under the nipple and goes from the areola to the breast fold.

Excess skin is removed, the nipple and areola stay connected to the mammary gland tissue and are brought to a higher position. The skin underneath the nipple is brought together at the bottom. This way, a new shape of the breast is created.

According to the operation technique which is used, you might get drain tubes underneath the skin to drain away the wound fluid. These can be removed after +/- 2 to 4 days.

You are required to wear a sports bra for six weeks.

The first weeks you will be restricted in your freedom of movement of arms and shoulders. It’s advisable not to sport or lift things during this first period. Sutures will be removed after approximately 10 days. Scars are rather burning at the beginning. This will diminish but the scars themselves will never completely disappear.

After approximately two weeks the scars can be massaged with a hydrating cream to improve the heeling.

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